TDSRC Information

“What is TDSRC?”

TDSRC stands for “TD Summer Reading Program.” The TD Summer reading program is a reading program where kids are encouraged to pick up new books over the summer with fun activities, prizes, and an opportunity to track how many books they read over the summer!

“When will I know when to pick up my child’s activity bags?”

Phone calls will be sent out to each participating family some time next week! You will be informed of when to pick up your activity bag, what to do to enter to win our prizes, and where to upload your photo of the completed activity!

“Where can I go for information on how to complete the activities?”

Instructions for each activity will be inside the bag you are given! But if you get stuck, or have questions that aren’t answered on the instruction sheet, you can always send us a private message either via our Facebook profile (Teck Centennial Public Library) or our TDSRC designated Instagram account (@TDSRCKirklandLake)!

Book Face Competition

CC: The Book Face Competition is open to all TDSRC participants and lasts trough June 19th to August 13th. The deadline for submissions is August 13th, and the grand prize will be a Mini Instax instant camera.

For more information, visit, or head on over to our Facebook page @ Teck Centennial Public Library