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Get a Library Card

Who can get a library card?

  • All citizens of the Township of Teck (Kirkland Lake) are entitled and encouraged to have a library card.
  • Library membership is free to residents of Kirkland Lake, Chaput Hughes, Swastika, Harvey Kirkland, Goodfish, and Nettie Lake.
  • Students possessing an active student card from Northern College are entitled to a library card free of charge.
  • Outside of the Kirkland Lake area, non-resident cards are available at $6.00 for a month, $34.00 for six months or $68.00 for a year. A valid library card is required to borrow library materials.
  • When registering for a library card, cardholders agree to follow all rules and regulations of the Teck Centennial Public Library.

How much does it cost to obtain a library card?

  • Library cards at the Teck Centennial Library are free to all residents of Kirkland Lake, i.e., those who pay taxes to the Township of Teck.
  • Residents who live outside of the Township of Teck may purchase a library card for the following terms: one month – $6.00, six months – $34.00, one year – $68.00.

How do I obtain a library card?

  • Valid identification is required to apply for or to renew a Teck Centennial Public Library membership. Valid identification must be presented at the branch during the application process or at the request of TCPL staff for card renewal.
  • Acceptable forms of identification are listed in Table 1 below. We require either a single piece of Type 1 identification or a combination of one Type 2 identification and one Type 3 identification.
  • All identification must be current (i.e., not expired). Type 3 documents must be dated and issued within the last 2 months.
  • A parent or guardian is required to provide valid identification for children under the age of 13 who wish to obtain a membership.

Visitors Cards

If you are a visitor to Kirkland Lake, please bring a piece of identification to obtain a temporary card that will allow you access to our services for 4 months.

  • Visitor membership shall be available for a period of 4 months to temporary residents (e.g. those staying in summer cottages, campers, etc.) for a fee of $25-30, this deposit will be held by the library upon issuing a temporary card.
  • If all library materials are returned prior to or on the expiry date of the card, the deposit will be refunded.

Online Library Card

If you are interested in applying for a library card and are a resident of Kirkland Lake you can do so online. We will contact you with further questions and to notify you of the status of your application.


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